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New demo video: multi user input

Here's a neat little demo video of interaction on our screen, showing multi-user input with high performance. Take a look!

New demo video

We’ve noticed some demo videos of other technologies, demonstrating how screens can register touches with surgeon gloves. So we decided to do a little “glove test” to see what FlatFrog screens can do...

FlatFrog on G2E

FlatFrog visited the G2E exhibition in Las Vegas 5-6th of October and had private demos with a number of major players within the gaming industry. All were very impressed with the system’s multitouch...

FlatFrog in USA

FlatFrog is in Los Angeles and San Francisco 10-13th of october for demo sessions, showing the potential of the new FlatFrog Multitouch 3200. If you're in the area and haven't seen what our...

Full HD LCD system revealed

FlatFrog are releasing a 32" Full HD LCD with integrated PSD multitouch technology. FlatFrog are launching a 32” full HD LCD system as a first product. The system supports 20+ simultaneous touches,...

Ny Teknik - "33 företag på hugget"

FlatFrog was selected as one of the top 33 promising technology companies in Sweden by Ny Teknik, Sweden's leading technology and IT newspaper. Read the entire article here.

Demo movie now released!

A demo movie of the FlatFrog Multitouch 4000 is now available.

Touch screen tablet

FlatFrog: new company, new multi-touch technology. Read entire article here.


Multi-touch display maker FlatFrog gets $18m in funding – a credible adversary for Surface? Read the entire article here.

Manufacturing agreement with Kortek Corporation

Multi-touch subsystem company FlatFrog Laboratories AB signs global manufacturing and support contract with Kortek Corporation, the world's leading developer and supplier of industrial monitors...